is a Graphic Design and Visual Communication Studio. It's specialized in Brand Identity, Video making, Art Direction, Web Design, Advertising and Communication. Blue.'s way of working is strictly related to the place where it’s based: Torino. This city, rich of culture, is historical and elegant but, at the same time, since it’s based on industry, the atmosphere it creates is austere and aseptic. The Studio takes all these features and makes you see Torino under another light: as a fresh, clear and essential city.

Blue. works in several areas: from little and medium companies to big firms and multinationals. Graphic Designers, Art Directors and Social-media Managers work accurately in order to always provide the best projects and strategy researches.

The range of different professional figures available to Blue. allows the Studio the opportunity to have a dynamic approach and to realize the best finished work, since the first idea until the finished product. Beyond what you see.

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Our Clients Include
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